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Sun Scarves
Protection from the sun is on everyone’s minds these days. Most fishermen and women do not want to put UV Sun Block on their skin because it’s messy, costly and must be applied several times per day to be effective. This is a perfect solution to the problem! The multi-purpose Sun Scarf is made from 100% Polyester which wicks, absorbs and evaporates moisture. It’s a very breathable, light-weight material that will keep you cool in the summer and is also wind resistant, keeping you warm in the winter. Our scarves have a UPF Rating of 30 and all you have to do is wear it. We offer many patterns to choose from and if you have a design in mind, well we can create it for you. Click here to find out how. Whether you fish, hunt, golf, garden, ride ATV’s/snowmobiles, ski or whatever your passion maybe, our purpose is the same, 
to protect you from the sun!

  • 100% Polyester
  • 30 UPF Rating
  • One size fits most
  • Seamless
  • Machine wash – Air Dry
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Multi-Wear
Blue Designs
FishHard Go Hungry
FishHard Blue Musky Heartbeat
FishHard Sky
White and Grey Designs
FishHard Bones
FishHard Fish Camo
FishHard Retro Musky
FishHard Splat
FIshHard White Tiger
Camo Designs 
FishHard Black Shade Camo
FishHard Green Camo
HuntHard Grunge Camo
HuntHard WWII Camo
Bass Designs
Bass Camo
FishHard Original
Writings on the Wall
Hook it UP
Fish Scale Designs
FishHard Fish Scales
FishHard Musky Tan
FishHard Musky Black and White
Bandana Designs
FishHard Blue Bandana
FishHard Green Bandana
FishHard Pink Bandana
FishHard Red Bandana
FishHard White Bandana
FishHard Yellow Bandana
Full Face
Neck Scarf
Hair Tie
Full Face
Hair Tie
Neck Scarf
* Please note, color may vary slightly from PDF image to print.  
HuntHard Snow Camo
HuntHard Sticks Camo
HuntHard Blaze Orange Camo
HuntHard Leaves Camo 2
HuntHard Woods Camo
HuntHard Leaves Camo 1
2015 NEW Designs
Crazy Man
Dino Fish
Gator Gator
Grey Ghost
Here Sharky
Retro Musky
2014 NEW Designs
Blue Paisley
Grey Paisley
Pink Paisley
Red/Purple Paisley
Shallow Water
Animal Print
Butterfly Effect
Red Plaid
Blue Plaid
Blue Criss-Cross
Purple/Pink Camo
Digital Black
Digital Green
Digital Tan
Flying High
It's a Jeep Thing